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Why is it worth ordering a VAT audit?

As experts in VAT, we carry out many VAT audits for our clients. This way, they have a guarantee that their documents will be compliant with any and all standards and tax requirements. Thanks to this, when it comes to a tax inspection they do not lose money due to financial penalties from the tax office.

European VAT regulations are becoming more and more complex. It is a real problem and a risk for those companies that carry out multiple intra-Community and international transactions every day. Therefore, it is so important for them to receive support from a tax expert who specialises in ensuring compliance with current VAT regulations.

During an audit, in-depth analyses of invoices and transactions are conducted. As a result, it is possible to indicate potential paths and suggestions for optimisation and savings (e.g. optimisation of customs operations without a deposit towards VAT, faster refund of the tax from EU Member States, etc.).

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What is included in a VAT audit?

Why is it worth commissioning a VAT audit by our experts?

The audit framework is defined in cooperation with our clients, taking into account their various needs. The audit is conducted by our experts. It starts with the verification of data included on invoices, through checking company account statements and analysis of the flow of invoices and goods, and ending with verification of compliance of VAT and INTRASTAT declarations.

The final outcome of the audit is a complete report on the actual state of the enterprise, provided to the client. The report includes recommendations concerning critical aspects and possible steps that will ensure optimisation of operations.

Eurofiscalis can carry out a VAT audit for you as part of the service of tax representative or attorney.

Why is it worth choosing Eurofiscalis as a tax representative or attorney?

Eurofiscalis Group

Eurofiscalis is an international tax company specialising in VAT. We provide registration for VAT purposes in EU Member States, verify the correctness of invoices and foreign transactions, submit VAT declarations/Unified Control Statements and Intrastat declarations. We also help in obtaining a VAT refund if you conduct foreign transactions.

In the case of verification or tax inspection activities, Eurofiscalis will help you assess risk and seek optimal solutions ensuring compliance with the provisions of tax law.

Why is it worth working with us?

Our goal is to immediately solve your tax problems and issues with the help of our experienced experts.

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VAT audit
1. Why is it worth ordering a VAT audit? 2. What is included in a VAT audit? 3. Why Eurofiscalis? 4. Ask for a free-of-charge estimate
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