Managing VAT payments and recoveries in Belgium for a foreign company

VAT Payment & Recovery in Belgium

You wish to make a payment or recover your VAT in Belgium following the filing of a periodic return? Do you want to know everything about the management of your VAT current account in Belgium? You are in the right place! On this page, we explain in a clear way, how to make your VAT payments in Belgium, but also how to recover your VAT credits in Belgium!

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Need a tax agent in Belgium ?

Need a tax agent to manage your VAT payments and recoveries in Belgium ? We have the solution to help you start your business in peace of mind.

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How to make a VAT payment in Belgium ?

You have filed a VAT return in Belgium for which you are liable for VAT (box 71) with the Belgian VAT authorities? Here are the bank details on which you will have to make your VAT payment :


Account number : IBAN BE22 6792 0030 0047
Mandatory reference : Structured number mentioned in your Belgian VAT certificate
Amount of VAT to be paid : Amount mentioned in box 71 of your VAT return

Your VAT payment must be received at the latest by the deadline for filing your VAT return with the Belgian VAT authorities. To know your VAT filing deadlines, click here.

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How to make a VAT recovery in Belgium ?

You have filed a VAT return in Belgium for which the Belgian VAT authorities are liable for VAT (box 72)? Here is the procedure to follow in order to recover your deductible VAT :

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How long does it take to recover deductible VAT in Belgium ?

In Belgium, you can recover your VAT credit 4 times a year, whatever your filing frequency, as long as your VAT return was filed before the deadline for your period. To know your VAT return filing deadlines, click here.

Your VAT credit is then automatically reimbursed to the bank account that you entered when you registered for Belgian VAT within 2 to 3 months, provided you have complied with all your VAT obligations.

Special monthly VAT recovery scheme

There is also a special scheme for companies with a monthly reporting system, allowing you to recover your deductible VAT monthly under certain conditions :

This regime is obtained after having submitted a written request for authorization to the Belgian VAT authorities. Do not hesitate to contact us to set up this refund system for your VAT credits in Belgium.

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