Alcohol Excise Duties in France
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Alcohol Excise Duties in France - New Rates 2023

France introduces new rates of excise duties on alcohol

With the start of the new year, the French government has raised the rates of excise duties on alcohol by 1,6 % (corresponding to inflation rate in 2021). These changes are applicable for all companies importing alcoholic product on the French territory, from January 1, 2023.

In this article we will show you what are the new rates of alcohol excise duties in France, we will explain what exactly are they, and remind you about other indirect taxes you need to pay if you are selling alcohol products in France. 

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Alcohol Excise Duties in France: What are the new rates ?

In this table you will find a list of alcohol excise duties in France, updated for the year of 2023, as well as social contribution rates for some of the types of alcoholic products. Take a look below to understand what exactly are excise duties and social contributions on alcohol in France.

Type of product Excise Tax in France 2023
Beer Normal rate > 2,8% 7,82 €/hl/degré
Beer Low rate 3,91€/hl/degré
Non-Sparkling wine ≥ 1,2% 3,98 €/hl
Intermediates 1,2%≤18% 198,91 €/hl
Rum-French overseas territories ≥18,1% 198,91 €/hl
Stronger Alcoholic Beverages HL*Vol %*903,64€
Stronger Alcoholic Beverages ≥18,1% HL*Vol %* 1 834,42€
Cider/Poirés/Hydromels HL*Vol %* 1 834,42€
Beer Normal rate "Small Breweries" > 2,8% 3,91€/hl/degré

Alcohol Excise Duties in France: What are they ?

What exactly is an excise duty?

Excise duty is an indirect tax on the sale/use of some specific products, such as energy, tobacco or alcohol. They are paid in the country where the product is being sold and the tax revenue goes entirely to the government of the country in which they are paid.

European Union Logo

The EU member states have reached a consensus on standardized regulations within the EU, in order to ensure that excise duties are imposed consistently and uniformly on the same products across the Union. This aids in preventing any trade imbalances within the Single Market, promoting fair competition among businesses, and minimizing bureaucratic responsibilities for companies.

Excise duty on alcohol

As far as excise duties on alcohol go, there are also common rules set out by the European Union. It is important to underline, that the rules can vary when it comes to regular alcohol beverages and alcohol which is not intended for human use. There are also specific provisions for locally produced products.

  1. The first, Directive 92/83/EEC, outlines:

   2. The second, Directive 92/84/EEC defines the minimum rates that apply to each category of alcoholic beverages and special rates for certain Greek, Italian, and Portuguese regions.

Alcohol Excise Duties in France: Social Contributions

On top of excise duties, some countries impose other taxes on alcohol beverages. This is a case of France. The French Government imposes a tax called Social Contribution (Cotisation de Securite Sociale) on some of the alchololic beverages. We explain what is this Social Contribution tax and when is it applicable.

Social Contributions on Alcohol Products in France – What are they

Social Contributions

Social Contribution on Alcohol in France is a tax that was introduced by the French government on certain alcohol products, because of the health risks associated with the immoderate use of these products..

The rules of the Social Contribution on Alcohol Products in France have been introduced with the Code de la sécurité sociale : Section 3 : Cotisation sur les boissons alcooliques. (Articles L245-7 to L245-12)

Social Contributions on Alcohol Products in France – Which products are concerned and what are the rates

The social  contributions are applied to all alcohol products containing more than 18% vol. however the rate of the social contribution varies according to the tax category of the alcoholic beverage.


The rates of the social contributions are set each year by a ministerial order in France. The contribution rate is  increased on 1st of January of each year in a proportion equal to the growth rate of the consumer price index (excluding tobacco) for the second last year.


The new Social Contribution Rates set for the year 2023 in France are as follows:

Type of product Social Contribution Rate 2023
Alcohols containing more than 18% vol. - Full rate 589,00€/hlap
Intermediate products containing more than 18% vol. - Full rate 49,73 €/hl
Intermediate products over 18% vol. - Reduced rate to 40% 19,91 €/hl
Beers with a strength of more than 18% vol. 49,73 €/hl
Rum and spirits made from local alcohol 403 €/hlap


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