OSS Registration at the One-Stop Shop & filing OSS declarations for a foreign company in Belgium

OSS registration in Belgium

Do you need assistance with your OSS registration? Do you want to know everything about the OSS one-stop shop? Are you looking for a specialized firm to manage your OSS returns and VAT payments? Then you’ve come to the right place! On this page, we explain in a clear manner who is concerned by the OSS, how to register for the OSS one-stop shop, how to file an OSS declaration, how to manage your VAT payments, your declarative obligations and whether it is necessary to call upon a specialized firm!

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Valid only for B2C sales having taken place from 01/07/2021.

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Who is concerned by the OSS in Belgium ?

The “One Stop Shop” (OSS) is a new VAT reform that has been put in place from 01/07/2021. Thanks to the OSS, any company selling to individuals in the EU will be able to declare and pay its VAT due in the whole EU on the same counter without having to register in each country of activity.

Any EU or non-EU company can take advantage of the OSS and IOSS one-stop-shops. In order to know your obligations in this regard, please refer to the FAQ at the end of this page, or contact one of our experts.

How to register for the OSS single window in Belgium ?

Any company established or subject to regulation in Belgium wishing to register with the OSS one-stop shop in Belgium will be required to submit an official registration application via the Intervat portal.

To apply for OSS registration in Belgium, no additional documents are required. However, the following information must be filled in :

However, you still have the possibility to attach annexes to your OSS registration application.

Once the OSS registration application has been submitted, the administration will send a notification entered in the “Contact person” field to acknowledge receipt of the application.

The final OSS certificate will be sent to the same e-mail address by the FPS Finance, provided that your application has been accepted by the Belgian administration. According to our experience, the final certificate is sent within 3 working days.

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How to file an OSS return in Belgium ?

Just like the registration application, the submission of an OSS declaration in Belgium is done via the Intervat portal.

In this OSS declaration, the taxable person must enter the amounts (excluding VAT) of all his sales to European individuals outside Belgium. He is asked to provide the following informations :

Domestic purchases and sales to Belgian individuals cannot be included in your OSS return. These transactions must be reported in your periodic Belgian VAT return.

Deadlines for filing an OSS return in Belgium are the same as for filing a VAT return. To know your deadlines for filing VAT/OSS returns, click here.

How to manage VAT payments via OSS in Belgium ?

Once the OSS return has been filed, you will be able to download it in pdf format directly from the dashboard of the Intervat portal.

Once the return has been submitted and validated, the FPS Finance will send you by e-mail the status of the payment made according to the information reported in your OSS declaration just submitted. On this document, you will find the following informations :

transakcje opodatkowane włochy
Attention !

Payment linked to the OSS declaration is different from payment linked to the VAT declaration. In case of domestic sales to Belgian individuals, the VAT to be paid must be the object of a separate payment.

The deadlines for OSS payments in Belgium are the same as for VAT payments. To know your VAT/OSS payment deadlines, click here.

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FAQ : Your questions about OSS/IOSS

The OSS Single Window is used to declare intra-community distance sales of goods located in the EU.

IOSS is used to declare sales of goods imported into the EU from outside the EU with a value of less than €150.

Any company located in the EU or outside the EU can register for OSS.

For third party companies, it is mandatory to open a VAT number without a permanent establishment in an EU country in order to register with OSS.

The OSS one-stop shop allows any company to carry out VAD from its country of tax liability without having to register in each country of destination of the goods! Thus, all you need is an intra-community VAT number and an OSS registration in the same country to declare all your sales and pay the VAT due from the 27 member states on a single window!

Deductible VAT cannot be recovered on the OSS single window. If you have supplier invoices in another member state and you have been charged foreign VAT, you can refer to our page for foreign VAT refunds.

The OSS single window is only used to declare intra-EU distance sales and returns.

An intra-EU distance sale is a sale made from a taxable company in the EU to an individual residing in a different EU country than the seller. In order for the distance selling to be considered as intra-community, it is imperative that the goods sold have a destination in a European country different from the EU country of departure! In case of a tax audit, the seller must be able to prove that the goods crossed the border.

Domestic sales, like deductible VAT, cannot be declared via the OSS, but must be reported in your VAT return.

Please note! The VAT to be paid back linked to these domestic sales must imperatively be the object of a payment totally independent from your OSS payment!

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