Posting of drivers to Italy do you need our assistance?

On 22 July 2016, Italian Decree No 136/2016 entered into force, the purpose of which is to implement Directive 2014/67/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (15.05.2014) in the context of posting of workers. Pursuant to Directive 96/71/EC, European transportation companies performing cabotage transport are obliged to appoint a representative. The law does not apply to international transport or transit.
A company that seconds a worker to Italy for cabotage transport is obliged to report this fact. Notification must be sent to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Italy on the day before the commencement of posting, and any changes must be declared over the next five days.

Posting of employees Italy – How does it work?

Representation Agreement

Appoint Eurofiscalis as the representative of your company in contact with Italian administration authorities.

Unlimited Number of Workers

The cost of the service is the same, regardless of the number of seconded workers.

Support in the event of Road Inspection 

Eurofiscalis, an international group, ensures compliance with all requirements of Italian authorities and provides assistance in the implementation of relevant procedures.

Online Document Archiving System 

After logging in to our online platform, you can easily find all the documents that have been previously uploaded as part of the posting of drivers to Italy.

Easy to handle, quick, and smooth

In order to meet obligations, we provide our clients with an online system. By signing a contract with us, you have a guarantee that any and all legal regulations related to the posting of workers will be complied with. We provide our clients with professional and comprehensive services.

Posting of employees Italy: take a closer look at our services.

Our system offers:

  • Agreement with a representative
  • Appointment of a representative abroad
  • Unlimited number of seconded workers
  • Access to current information
  • E-mail and phone support in Polish and French
  • Filing documents for inspection authorities
  • Substantive support
  • Unlimited support in the event of road inspection
  • Professional expert service
  • Online document management system
  • Information on required documents
  • Consulting

  • Price
  • Regular price : €89/mo
  • Unlimited number of seconded workers
  • Agreement with a representative
  • Appointment of a representative abroad
  • Multilingual E-mail and phone support
  • Unlimited support in the event of road inspection
  • Online document management system
  • Instruction how to complete a notification

Do you have any questions about our services?

What happens when I sign an agreement?

Once you have signed an agreement with us, you will be provided with access to our website. You will also have access to the information database and will be able to receive our support; as a result you will quickly find answers to your questions. You can also count on us during inspections conducted by the police, gendarmerie, and/or French labour authorities. The posting of drivers to France has never been more simple thanks to the Eurofiscalis Group.

Find out more about the Eurofiscalis Group.

What should be included in a driver's cabotage notification in Italy?

A driver notification should contain the following data:

  • Details of the company seconding the driver
  • General information on seconded workers (including number)
  • Date of commencement and ending of secondment
  • Detailed location of the service provided
  • Identification data of the company accepting the service
  • Indication of the type of service provided
  • Identification data (including address) of the representative in Italy
  • General information on the representative in Italy
  • Reference number of the authorisation to conduct business activity (if one is required by the country in which the seconding company’s registered office is located).
Where should a driver be reported?

Download the driver notification form from our website. Once filled in, the document should be sent to:

How long does the agreement last?

An agreement with Eurofiscalis is signed for a period of 6 months and will be automatically extended by another half year if the client does not submit their resignation. You may resign from the agreement one month before the date of its termination on the Eurofiscalis website or by sending a termination notice by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

What are the minimum rates applicable to drivers seconded to cabotage transport?
  • EUR 9.55 – Drivers assigned to group 3 (truck, tractor, and trailer operators with GVW below 80 quintals (8t), mobile cranes with GVW below 20 t)
  • EUR 9.78 – Drivers assigned to group 3S (truck, tractor, and trailer operators with GVW over 80 quintals (8t), trucks with GVW over 20 quintals (2t) equipped with cranes), drivers dealing with transportation occasionally, mobile cranes with GVW over 20 t
What payment methods are available?

The website is fully protected by an SSL certificate (https://). Payment may be made via:

  • Payment card (Visa, Master Card, American Express)
  • Paypal

You don’t have a payment card or a Paypal account? Tell us – together we’ll find another solution.

Posting of employees Italy: what penalties are imposed for non-compliance with the law?
  • EUR 150 to 500 for failure to submit notification of seconded worker
  • EUR 500 to 3,000 for failure to keep the required documentation; the fine is imposed for each seconded driver
  • EUR 2,000 to 3,000 for lack of a designated representative in Italy and a designated person with representation authorisation who is in charge of so-called Social Dialogue.
What is the role of a representative?

The representative in Italy acts on behalf of a client and contacts the labour inspection authority, the police, and tax and customs offices in the event of an inspection. He or she also takes responsibility for storing documents which should be presented at the request of inspection authorities. The representative keeps the documents in Italian for two years, including:

  • Contract of employment
  • Payrolls
  • Work time registration
  • Salary payment confirmations