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The Chamber of Commerce in Nice organises professional events on a regular basis.

Sage is our privileged partner in accounting. All employees work on Sage Coala’s solutions.

Our partner bank, which supports the company in all its projects.

An accounting office located in the south of France (Mentona – St Tropez).

LPG group of certified auditors operating in Paris, Luxembourg, Bucharest, Sofia, Montreal, London and Geneva.

International transport of goods, logistics and insurance.

ECL Direct, online accounting expertise for small, medium-sized, and large companies since 2008.

An accounting office with over 20 branches all across France.

United Parcel Service is a courier company. It is referred to as “Big Brown” due to the colour of its workers’ uniforms.

MTM Logistics provides transport services mainly on the international market.

BEWIZ Group is a law firm specialising in the areas of accounting and auditing.

Gondrand agencies combine the flow of goods with the development of regular lines at the international level.