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Outsourcing your diesel tax refund requests in France
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⚡ Would you like to know everything about the French TICPE (diesel tax, fuel tax), understand how to recover it or have a third-party declarant carry out the formalities on your behalf? You’ve come to the right place! On this page, we explain clearly what the diesel tax is, how to get part of it refunded and which service provider to call if you want to outsource this process. Understand everything about fuel tax in France in 5 minutes.

Fuel tax recovery in France | Diesel (TICPE)

To be eligible for fuel tax recovery, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your company is established in France or in a European Union (EU) state;
  • Your vehicles must be registered in the EU;
  • The application refers to a purchase of diesel fuel made and invoiced in France
  • Your company may be a private or public law company, but subject to commercial law (public service activity of an industrial and commercial nature);
  • Your vehicle is intended for the transport of goods
  • Weight of your vehicle is 7.5 tons or more.
RegionsCorseÎle-de-FranceAuvergne Rhône-AlpesOther régions*  Fixed rate
1st semester 202014,21 €17,45 €15,29 €15,56 €15,72 €
2nd semester 201916,21 €19,45 €17,29 €17,56 €17,71 €
2nd semester 2019 (Gazole B10)16,21 €16,21 €16,21 €16,21 €Not applicable
1st semester 201916,21 €19,45 €17,29 €17,56 €17,71 €
2nd semester 201816,21 €19,45 €17,56 €17,56 €17,75 €

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Outsourcing your diesel tax refund requests in France

Are you a carrier of goods or passengers? Are you located in the European Union? Do you have vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tones? You own the vehicle, lease or rental contract? Use our services to recover your diesel tax in France (TICPE, fuel tax).

Eurofiscalis is committed:

  • Facilitate your administrative procedures
  • Recovering the fuel tax
  • Doing everything possible to fully accomplish your work

Our services are structured as follows:

  • Eligibility verification
  • Analysis of documents
  • Submission of the application
  • Recovery of diesel tax

Filing an application for diesel tax refund in France

The application for the French diesel tax refund (TICPE) must be made for each quarter/half year retrospectively on the basis of actual fuel consumption (and not on the basis of an average consumption estimate).

It is possible to submit several applications from different semesters at the same time.

If the operator carries out a dual activity (goods transport and passenger transport), he must submit 2 applications for refund, one for each.

The number of liters must be indicated without decimal places.

Operators applying for tax refunds on diesel fuel must be able to prove, at any time and as soon as the declaration has been lodged with the customs office, the elements declared in the application.

Invoices and other supporting documents must be presented and kept for each vehicle and must show that the volume of diesel fuel indicated on the application for refund in respect of each vehicle corresponds to the use made of it during the half-year.

Invoices for the purchase of diesel fuel must show the location of the fuel purchase, the nature of the fuel, the volume purchased and the vehicle’s identification.

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