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Naf Naf is a clothing brand for women created in 1973 in Paris, which has over 400 stores all over the world.

A French-based clothing company established in 1979, Chevignon is active in more than twenty countries.

Spie is a company specialising in electrical, mechanical and climate engineering as well as the energy industry.

A pharmaceutical company which provides access to high-quality therapeutic solutions for patients and healthcare professionals.

Laboratoires Genevrier offers patients a wide range of innovative and effective pharmaceutical products.

Pernod Ricard is a French company specialising in manufacturing and distribution of wine and alcoholic beverages. It’s a world leader in this industry.

The mission of EPMC Pharma is to help pharmaceutical companies develop and introduce innovative medicines in Europe.

Being a pioneer in pharmaceutical technology, Lavipharm develops new dynamic strategies while maintaining the vision of improving the quality of life.

Thanks to its 50 years of experience, La Générale Industrie has made its mark in the distribution and maintenance of the largest wood processing machines.

Donoci is specialised in import, wholesale and retail sale of light fittings.

DrankDozijn is an online store with alcoholic beverages whose offer is not limited to classic whisky, wine, beer and rum. Its objective is to offer high-quality products at low prices.

GENPLUS is a group located within the technopole in Sophia-Antipolis.

Sucres et Denrées (or SUCDEN) is a French company. The Group employs nearly 5,000 people in over 26 countries.

Hillcrest is an international importer and exporter of frozen meat and seafood.

Edelstahl Handelsges. mbH is a company trading steel on foreign markets for more than two decades.

Mecfor specialises in design and manufacturing of machinery for aluminium smelters.

Proman is an engineering, supply, and construction group conducting operations all over the world.

WTX Automotive Group works on solutions for liquid transportation and processing in the vehicle engine compartment.

Agriconomie created “Amazon for farmers”, an online store selling seeds, fertilisers, and tools.

A French-based brand of glasses, specialising in non-corrective models protecting against blue light.

High-class Pure Player Swiss watches designed by Claudio d’Amore.

A supplier of 13 million spare parts for household appliances on the Internet.

An expert in men’s and women’s trousers in France. Unique fabrics, inimitable cut, 100-year tradition, with a specialist e-commerce website.

An expert in winter sports clothing and accessories, in addition to streetwear fashion.

An online store focused on high-quality, healthy products, dietary supplements, super-foods, tea, essential oils.

Verycook is a French-based manufacturer of frying pans that sells its products all over Europe.

A multinational company involved in the textile and retail sectors. Over 500 stores in 30 countries. In the TOP 10 most important companies in Turkey.